Convention Style: Pika Pi!

Pikachu Kigurumi c/o Cosplay Shopper // Boots: Thrifted // Pixel Glasses: eBay // Wig: eBay

This weekend I destroyed my liver and acted a general geeky fool at Washington's drunkest convention, Aki-con (aki means fall or autumn in Japanese). It's a tiny convention in Bellevue, WA that is held in a hotel - so you shit where you eat, basically. I got a hotel room with two of my favorite ladies in the entire world, and we drank and cosplayed for about three days straight. I have some hilarious photos that will end up on the blog eventually. We barely ventured outside of our hotel room - we just danced around to Girl Talk and acted silly. It was great.

I am a huge fan of kigurumi - it's like wearing pajamas!! I've had this Pikachu one for AGES and I've worn in a TON but I always forget to photograph it. It was sent to me by Cosplay Shopper, which has a great selection of kigurumi (of all animals and adorable levels!) and cosplay. I REALLY want the pink unicorn kigurumi.

Do any of you own kigurumis? I love seeing which ones people choose! Here's a bonus of myself and some of my ladies in their own kigarumis:

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